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PSR Indie Music Spotlight Is a creative discussion space, around Indie music, artists, songwriters & producers. We play new records, sometimes world premieres! and help bring awareness to incredible music! Join us as we put the spotlight on the latest in indie music.

So you are asking yourself, why would I even see any benefit from being placed

on the pitch syncs hot-list playlist?

Well it's simple, our playlist is sent to our network of music directors & creative directors who work in the areas of creating content, for  film, television & video games, as Well as music insider & taste makers!

And it is a easy way to have that extra push of promotion that we can provide for you.

when you join our Membership page & Clubhouse club) you get this as an extra bonus!

And you get the stream revenue, we only add your track from your existing spotifiy list, you may also get a few more listeners along the way.

However the value & main key is having industry insiders have access and listen to this playlist we service out when any new music is added not to mention the delivery of our exclusive catalog that is serviced to all our network affiliates.

Stay Creative,

JesTheBeats / CEQ Founder

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